National Poetry Day - Gronk make poem. Field Drinky Man.

Tiny hoomans tell Gronk today "National Poetry Day" in somplace "Ink-a-land". Gronk make poem. You read Gronk poem. Have poetry.

Field drinky man.

Two mans and boy in field
where grow piles of hair.
Hat man seem boss of hair pile field.
Boy man think he boss of hair pile field
even though boy man have sissy hair cut.
Boy man fight hat man for be boss of hair pile field.

Drinky man think tired of working
in hair pile field.
Drink drink drink.
Drinky man think "why want be boss of hair pile field?"
Also think "what if hair pile field is just big head?"

Hat man argue boy man.
Boy man argue hat man.
Drinky man fall down
to sleep.
In hair pile field
that smell like balsam and jojoba
and have all-day shine.
Hey nonny hey.

Gronk poem done.


Steve Miller said...

Bravo! Author! Author!

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