Pointy Tree Day Cards from ages past.

Just in case there is anyone who is on the fence about wanting this year's P.A.G! Pointy Tree Day Card, you absolutely do. Here are our award-winning designs (probably) from the last three years we've been making them. We just need a physical address, which won't be used for anything else. That would be too much work. Also, we don't have an advertising budget or advertising staff. We're not monsters, after all.

A couple of quick FAQs:

Q: Can I roll these up and smoke them?
A: Uh, I guess, inasmuch as they're paper, and combustible.

Q: Are these for real ads?
A: Yes. They're real ads that ran in real magazines, usually back in The Fifties. The images on the cards are unretouched. That would wreck the fun.

Q: What is it with you and smoking Santas?
A: They're funny. What's with you and not understanding regrettable irony?

Q: How do I know you're not going to use my address to come to my house and stalk me?
A: We've got enough to do already, thanks. If we wanted to watch people drive to the grocery store and argue with their spouse, we'd watch TLC or maybe Bravo. Boom!

Q: Really? Free? What's wrong with you?
A: Get back to work.

2011 front

2011 back

2012 front

2012 back

2013 front

2013 back


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