Fatima Cigarettes - Season's breathings!... and Pointy Tree Day Card Reminder!

There's nothing like getting a carton of cigarettes for Pointy Tree Day, right, kids? That's why we love sending out our P.T.D. Cards with actual, real, undoctored cigarette ads on them. Here's one from Fatima Cigarettes that's the wrong shape to fit on a card, so it's a regular old post today. Who's cigarettes? Fatima, I guess!

I never heard of Fatima cigarettes before. Maybe the Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company was just trying to cash in on all the supernatural kookiness surrounding the town in Portugal of the same name, where people think they saw miracles back in the early 20th century? That would be a shrewd business decision. "If we can get all Catholics to smoke our brand, we'll be eyeballs deep in yachts and prostitutes!"

Anyhoo, here's a fun game. Any time you see a photo of a reflective object, look in the reflections to see what the studio looked like. You have to kind of "unwrap" the shperical image, but it's not too hard. See this pink ornament? If you look into the mirrored surface, you can see the standard photographer's trick of building a white box around the product. You can see white panels forming a rough cube around the table, and what looks like a light behind a big diffuser of some kind. The camera is hidden in that black area in the center, just below the bright diffuser thing.

That's right, Ralph. Together, we're all learnding about the ancient art of photographying!

Pointy Tree Day Card get!

Hey, citizens! Our busy little elves (interns) are busily licking and stamping piles of Pointy Tree Day Cards and getting ready to send them out to various humans all over the globe. I haven't told the intern-elves that we have a bulk mailing account and there's no need for the stamps, but they seem to enjoy the taste of glue, so it's a win-win. It's not too late to get your Pointy Tree Day Card. What's the picture on this year's card? Secret! Ask for one and find out. You just need to send us some kind of physical address to philarego@gmail.com. Nobody will come to your house (except the mail human, of course), and we won't market any crap to you, and no salesman will call. We're far too lazy for any of that.


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