Schick Powershave.

The Fifties were slow roasted in rich creamery sexism. We all know that. Recommended gifts for women in LIFE Magazine typically ran the gamut from cookware to vacuum cleaners. To give a woman a grooming aid even seems like an attack. Imagine her joy at unwrapping  a set of curlers, which I would like to remind you were a popular beauty aid, sixty years ago. "What. You have a problem with my hair? You think I'm ugly? What are you trying to say?"

Men don't get to be like that. An electric shaver? "Thanks sweetie! How did you know my face was a weapon? I'll go blunt it right away!" This reaction is not an option, of course. We have to be thrilled with every gift, even if it's a stick of deodorant.

Of course, the real prejudice going on in this ad is this: Why should only men be allowed to shave their face? Maybe the woman had a horrible five day growth and only with the arrival of the Schick Powershave has her husband been able to caress her mug without drawing blood? Did you ever think of that, you monster?

Some readers may get this next joke. Okay, well, maybe two...

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Mat Black said...

MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first concert I ever saw was Iron Maiden on their Powerslave tour!!!!! I know you are dying to know the specifics so here is a handy link to peruse http://www.classic-rock-concerts.com/performances/24902

tulekah said...

Ronald and Nancy Reagan...???

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