Band-Aid - 'Tis but a scratch.

This 1957 ad for Band-Aids is cute as can be, unless you were a kid who liked washing alone... and having a body.

Click for big.

These boys have had a fun rough-and-tumble day, getting into good old boyish fun. Sure, life has its bumps and bruises, but Band-Aids are there to turn that frown upside down and make you feel good as new. In this case, that means a few neck stumps and severed limbs. Band-Aids really are a medical miracle. Look how happy these Disembodied Floating Heads are! Such lovable scamp heads!

What's that? I'm just being sick for the sake of it and would I please just throw myself into a volcano? Well, the fact is, these boys - even allowing for their big-headed Precious Moments proprtions - wouldn't fit into that bathtub without suffering some critical "editing". No, YOU shut up! Even if the top and bottom boys had their legs all bunched up, the middle boy would probably need his legs stretched out straight, because the bottom boy is kind of in his lap. Here. See for yourself, and please forgive the fast and sloppy drawing...

Apology accepted. Bathe alone, kids, or you'll have your body cut off.


Richard Mahler said...

Well, it IS a two-color ad and the bath water could be blood red. Yeah, I know, I'm sick!

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