Good Decorating, Section Number C - What to do in your bathroom?

If you're like most people, you've got fifteen to twenty thousand dollars burning a hole in your bathroom with no idea what to do in there. Good news, toilet sufferers! Nineteen Seventy is back again, with some fresh and soothing suggestions for your bathroom efforts!

This chic bathroom makes every shower showtime! Bright parted curtains open on your shower stage backed with pleated taffeta curtains. The proscenium is built from two inch particle board covered with probably water-resistant marble patterned Formica that will never ever de-laminate and form a microbial haven. What a great finish to your bathtime display! Watch the reruns on the super convenient state of the art super portable mini television! You're ready for your close-up, mister DeMille!

There's no bathroom so small that it can't be made a little smaller with custom, complex wall built-ins! If they seem a little overwhelming, don't worry, because you can paint them a nice lime green as shown here. Casino carpet makes a lively shower curtain and window shade revealing the wonders of your opium jars! The room is made ever more cozy with the backlit dropped ceiling, and the rounded arches are sort of perfectly matched by the triangular cutout that frames the whole room! Wakey wakey!

Carpet in the bathroom? You bet! It's super absorbent for both smells and fluids, which means those various juices and odors aren't around to bother you any more! "What are the cloudy black smudges on the walls?" you ask? Stop being so negative! Wheeeeee! 

Where do you go when lunch got rough? You visit the throne room of H.R. Dump-N-Stuff! We start with regal red carpet and matching Royal Stool. What goes with red? Blue trimmed cabinets, that's what! But what goes with red and then blue? Probably yellow walls do, silly! Tie the whole thing together with purple soap balls, and you can't do a little cause you can't do enough! So, be sure to do too much!

This exotic lavatory brings the outside in, to give you the feeling of washing in a Mexican mountain grotto somewhere in the hills of Italy! You'll feel like you're trying to keep the mountain clean, too, thanks to the easy-always-scrub natural stone walls. The green and gold floral pattern shower curtain can be your forest, right? The shutters are the finishing touch on the vanity and twin medicine cabinets, which are just big enough for two bottles of retsina - just the thing to start your day right! Oo la la!


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