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...or invent eighteen cents and get a brush.

Day twelve. Bottle and beaker show no change. Still no sign of the one guy's head. May apply peanut butter to helmet for better results.

For the summer Olympics in Rome, the I.O.C. has approved shitball as an officially sanctioned Olympic event. Celebration from colons around the world was deafening.

New widescreen TV get four channels, vivid gray and lighter-gray screen, mono speaker has 500hz to 950hz frequency response, requires purchase of separate surprisingly large antenna, costs $1,500, is saddled with awkward 3D image technology requiring separate goggles purchase. Demand has been described by manufacturer as "disappointing".


Michelle_Randy said...

Oh, that's a TV? It looked like a small forge/furnace installed in a doll house for those crafty glass-blowing dolls.

Steve Miller said...

Drawing pen from eye-dropper = Magic Marker prototype

Steve Miller said...
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