BMW 3.0 Hommage Concept - Looks like the lunch you will lose.

BMW has unveiled it's latest concept showpiece at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. It's a concept car paying tribute to the old CSL which many regard as kind of a pretty thing. The new thing is, uuh.... rather ornate.

Upon seeing this brave new design, it occurred to me that the new BMW flight of fancy looked very "fashion forward". I think that royalty may take a liking to their fancy new car...

Credit where it's due. We got these pictures (well, the ones of just the car) from Jalopnik, who got them from Paolo Garella.


Ypek said...

This is not a hommage, but a designer's bad dream. The hat is nice though.

el cornichon said...

I don't much like this scoops-all-over-the-front-end design trend - looks like a koi with a gill disease.

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