Pontiac Bonneville - With rich creamery butter.

What color is your car? Odds are pretty slim that it's brown. But brown was popular in The Sixties and Seventies. This has always baffled me, until the terrific painting in this 1960 Pontiac ad somehow found a way to make a brown car not look like a turdmobile. Just look at those chocolatey reflections in the door. This is one of many beautiful Pontiac ads painted in The Sixties by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman.

 Yes, it's just a marketing fantasy, and therefore, a lie. But well done, gentlemen. Here's an article about Fitzpatrick and Kaufman at The Truth About Cars, if you're curious for more information.

This flavor of paint is best served in warm milk, with cookies. (No. Do not drink paint. This is just a metaphor, jeez.)


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