Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - Nature, It's Gonna Get Ya.

Summer is (more or less) here, Citizens! Get these urgent summer tips in your head, courtesy of MetLife in 1948!

And, just in case you were wondering what to have nightmares about tonight, please fail to enjoy this little song by Blue Wank, which has some background vocals with lots of reverse reverb. It makes a nice chant as you trudge through the undergrowth. "Nature. It's gonna gonna gonna gonna get yaaa..." May it shiver your timbers even more than nature does. Watch out for bugs... and commies.

Click for big.


WebbRowan said...

Your captions are hilarious! I'd love to see more of your "re-writes"! I've got a few of those old car advertisements lying around my car finance office that could use a new lease of life! Haha!

WebbRowan said...

Actually it did take me a while to figure out whether the captions you put into the insurance advertisement were legit or not. You did an excellent job of photo editing there!

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