Berkeley Blades - Not a Rube Goldberg machine.

We were going to post this Berkeley Blades ad for its clip art anyway, but it turns out the artist who did the illustration is famous!

The Forties were good for Sexy Dame cartoons. This one features an apparently horny sentient dog who doesn't pass judgment based solely on species. It could also be that the male and/or female dog not only identifies as a human, but also still prefers to have sex with other dogs, and simply likes to look at human legs while he and/or she does so, and will now require us all to refer to him an/or her as Mr. Theodore Abernathy, because that's his and/or her new reality. If you don't express breathless fascination with this little gentleman's Journey, you are an inhuman monster worse than a thousand Hitlers with a side order of Pol Pot.

There. Simple! Glad to have that out of the way.

What's this? Well, for one thing, it's an artist signature we can actually read. For another thing, once we use our Power of Reading, we see that it says "Rube Goldberg". Rube Goldberg! THE Rube Goldberg? Yep! before he started a pop culture meme by drawing comedically complicated machines, he was just another magazine cartoonist with a degree in engineering. It's a tale as old as time itself. Artist with engineering degree starts in obscurity, then draws goofy machines, then carves himself a place in history because of it.

Rather than recount his career by typing it all out, let's just post a link to Rube Goldberg dot com. It's a non-profit foundation promoting STEM education, so they're fighting the good fight. IF you click through the link, there's a short video of his biography with a cute British girl in it that's pretty funny, and some other Rube videos, too.

Anyway, about that clip art. Here's that clip art. Set your Zippo to burn through a kite string pulling the pin on a seesaw dropping a baked potato onto you mouse's right-clicky button in three, two, one, LIGHTZIPPONOW! You're welcome.


Mat Black said...

Can I get a side of Pol Pot without the genocide?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Sir, the Pol Pot People Pleasin' Platter comes with genocide. It's a platter. I can leave off the genocide if you want but I will still have to charge you for it.

[ -Mgmt. ]

Mat Black said...


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