Road America, The Hawk, 2015 - Part 2

Today is batch two of stuff from this year's The Hawk at Road America, but you probably already knew this from reading the title, right? Sorry.

First, some more video clips, to hear the sound and see what the place looks like. This first clip was shot looking down the road that is more or less the main drag through Road America, looking out toward the main entrance. The camera pans across the bridge that is basically the gateway to the  whole place.

I grabbed this quick shot of a mid-Sixties car heading back to its paddock after qualifying (so forgive the shaky cam). Spectators and competitors are not separated by much, which is a huge attraction. The nose of this car kind of looks like Speed Racer's Mach 5.

This next clip was shot at the Carousel, where the course comes out of a straight, under the Johnsonvolle Brat bridge, and around a near complete circle. It's a good place to get tracking shots because cars are forced to slow down for the long turn. In this shot, look for the black Lister (#31), which we found at last year's The Hawk. The owner calls it the Knoop-Mann Special. Also, the race was under a yellow flag at the time this was shot. So, the cars aren't going full tilt. They can go faster than this. Also, this was shot handheld with a 300mm lens. Sorry about the camera shake. Does the black car look familiar? It's the same Lister that we found at last year's Hawk.

This tent was shared by a lot of gorgeous 1970-ish formula cars. They're expensive, and the teams seemed pretty serious. No chit chat. No questions. I grabbed my shots and rewarded them with my absence.

Just like having your shocks mounted inboard (as seen in yesterday's post), so is it good to keep the brakes off the moving suspension members. Handling improves. HOWEVER, one owner explained to me once that, since braking forces as well as drive is transmitted to the wheel through the half shafts, if you happen to break a half shaft, you also have no brake on that wheel. Eew.

A bouquet of trumpets! Aww, you shouldn't have.

This green Stingray looks just like one I built in Saints Row IV.

The sheet reads:
"Danny Sullivan's Galmer 092 Indy car. 1st at Long Beach. 4th at Indy. Only 4 cars built. Chassis #04. 265A Ilmor/Chevy power. Car complete. Everything included. Needs only ECU conversion, Motec, etc. This is the car in which Danny bumped teammate Al Unser Jr, out of the way and took the win at Long Beach in 1992. See Robert Metcalf."
No price listed. If you have to ask....

For a weekend pastime, vintage racing looks like a job, man.

Oooooooo, another Lola. They never disappoint. But, what have these guys done to the lights? The machine-turned vinyl stripes let down the otherwise terrific looking car. Don't tell them I said that.

I had to wait my turn to take pictures of this Scarab. It had a small crowd around it, but people are generally considerate to stay out of each others' shot.


Michelle_Randy said...

The tail pipes on that red and white checked car made me think of grasping hands of Mr. Incredible, like his gloves came off or something.

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