Body by Fisher - More less, please.

Body by Fisher. Just in case you never got the reference that personal trainers love to make, like "Body by Jake", that's the reference.

If you're expecting incisive wit and savage cleverness from your personal trainer, prepare to be disappointed. See what Jake did there? He took "Body by Fisher" and put his own name in there, because "body" can also mean "body", get it? I know. No wonder he was on TV!

Anyhoo... gosh that's a long car! This ad is just for Fisher, an independent coachbuilder who had a long relationship with GM, so you won't find anything urging you to rush down to your Cadillac dealer and test drive the new 1960 Cadillac De Ville, but that's the land yacht you're looking at. Jeez. It was a different world.

Maybe you really really like a car like this, but can it be even better? Yyyyyep! Less longness and more wheelness, please. Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade, ASSEMBLE! Pkshowww!

Background delete - COMPLETE!
Nose separation - COMPLETE!
Nose nudge - COMPLETE!
Tail separation - COMPLETE!
Tail nudge - COMPLETE!
Wheels isolate - COMPLETE!
Wheels duplicate - COMPLETE!
Windows select - COMPLETE!
Windows opacity alter - COMPLETE!
Barely noticeable badge isolate - COMPLETE!
Barely noticeable badge move - COMPLETE!

That's a lot of "complete"s, but this one wasn't too hard. The straight, tapered lines of the De Ville just fall into place when sliding sections around, with only minor scaling needed to make the edges line up again after. Here's a pro Photoshop tip for you: When you're copying a wheel to put right next to itself, don't be lazy. Use the wheel from the other end of the car so you won't have two exact copies of the same wheel sitting right next to each other, looking all samey-samey. You'll probably need to scale it a little to keep the perspective right (because cars are usually shot from a 3/4 angle), but the result will hide your tracks just a little more, and it won't take but a couple of seconds longer to do.

Get your rude finger ready to right click this silly little confection into growing the multi-car pileup on your hard drive in three, two, one... RIGHTCLICK NOW!

There. Isn't that better? Aww, thanks. You always say the perfect thing, sweetheart.

Click for big.


Michelle_Randy said...

Land yacht indeed. Those people trying to park big dualy-trucks have nothing on this guy!

Arjan said...

Yet they are easy to park. You can see the end of the car by looking at the end of the fins. I park these things easier and with more confident than a modern sedan where you can't see the trunk at all. Park distance control is a necessity these days...

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