Quality Courts - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony.

Joke #1 - "There it is, gang. 'The Prancing Pony'. Everybody try to act casual, keep en eye out for Gandalf, and for chrissakes, Jeffy, don't put on that damned ring!"

Joke #2 - Don wished Jeffy didn't get so excited every time they found a motel with cable. Too many nights, he had woken to find Jeffy staring deep into the jittering scramble of OnTV.

Joke #3 - "Look, there's a Quality Courts, honey! ...And so conveniently located next to the Lake Erie tire fire! We won't have to make two stops!"

Joke #4 - Everyone was excited except Don. Why did they have to stop at the very same Quality Courts where Don always met his pimp? This could be awkward.

Joke #5 - "Finally! A motel! Oh dear god, Carrot Top is playing here, and Geechy Guy is the opener. Don, keep driving!"

Joke #6 - They found the motel at last. According to the marquee, there was also a municipal drainage commission symposium here this week. Jeffy was a little too excited about that. Don had better keep a close eye on him.

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Steve Miller said...

Oh! the hey-days of Photo Lettering!

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