Institute of Applied Science - Handful of guys.

Today we bring you a doozy of a clip art, courtesy of the Institute of Applied Science in 1948.

Study at home, blah blah, fingerprints, blah, write for free pamphlet, blah blah. CRUSH PERPETRATORS AND MISCREANTS IN YOUR GIANT FIST! SEE THEIR VISCERA SPURT FROM YOUR FINGERGROINS! Yes, please!

You need this clip art in your computer. You could use it for almost anything. Emails from the Human Resources department, for example, or an invitation for a Ladies' Night Out. Just about any occasion where you feel the need to convey absolute hideous control and horrific disregard for all humanity, this clip art will be there for you, ready to help let the world know how you feel. Maybe you're a plucky young upstart and you need a logo for your Presidential bid? We've got your covered. Get your rude finger ready to right click this little doodle onto your hard drive in three, two, one, right click now, you crazed despot.

It looks like the long, enormous arm of the law scraped clean the streets of Victorian London. I can see Fagen, and about seven other ne'er-do-wells called "Stabby McGee" or something. It's good to know what kind of criminals were crawling the streets of America in 1948, and that they were the size of army men. You're welcome.

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