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In case you were ever given to wonder what a truss looks like, it's a decorative frame for your wiener. Higher-end models would sometimes feature text on the strap, to remind observers that one's wiener is rather unique... wherever it's got to.

It's quite possible that, if you need a baby calculator, you probably have too many babies.
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Not to be confused with similar product "COMA-TRIM", for losing weight while you lie in a semi-vegetative state.

NOTE: Blade sharpener cannot be operated with your junk. DO NOT ATTEMPT.


Michelle_Randy said...

Ah, the Comb-A-Trim, grandfather to the Suck-Kut.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

It's sucking my will to liiiiiiiive!!! It sure was a brighter world, back when Mike Meyers was funny.

Anonymous said...

Older lady at the only haircut place in town gave me a cut with something like that back in the early 90's.
Felt like she was ripping my hair out but in the end, it was a great cut!

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