Little Ads, 1974 - Christmas shopping so simple, an idiot could do it.

How long has it been since we've heard from our favorite mouth-breathing friend, The Seventies? Way too long! Let's check in with the decade that always needs to borrow-some-cash-to-pay-back-this-one-dude-come-on-bro-I'm-totally-good-for-it. We found these golden gems of gold in the back of Better Homes and Gardens from 1974. Let's see what people who watched Maude were buying! Also, we're converting the prices to modern FutureBucks, adjusting for inflation.

Get any clever phrase printed on one of two kinds of shirt in one of two colors, in your choice of one font (probably). T-shirt $23.88. Sweatshirt $33.53. How much for a sweatshirt that just says "we print anything"? Priceless.

Serving suggestion only. May or may not be compatible with teenage mustache on middle aged man.
Ecology pendant containing rice, macaroni, peppercorns, and dried peas lets everyone know you have a pendant full of rice, macaroni, peppercorns, and dried peas. Only $28.70, adjusted for inflation.

Wooden "etc." wall thing tells all your visitors that you have nothing to say, and feel very strongly about it. Fun to see how many people look right at it and still find a way to still mispronounce "ex-cetera".

New! Lady calculator blows the lid off the boutique calculator racket. Designed specifically for milady. Identical version is also available, designed specifically for men. Comes with matching pouch made from kids. $67.30.

Fireplace log roller easily rolls newspapers into logs for those without hands. Is hand operated. $72.12.
Pet's coat of arms displays your pet's Noble lineage and victories in battle, such as The Great Shitted Blanket Event, and The Battle of L├ęcher les Fesses. $23.88.


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