Du Pont Dacron Suits - Just 45% wool. 100% worsted.

More cultural high points from The Seventies, everybody's favorite mouth-breathing decade. Today we look at what has become, as you know, the unchanging classic of fashion: the Dacron suit.

This timeless ad is from the September, 1970 issue of Esquire magazine, a time when any good haircut had earflaps. In this ad, we see a man brimming with confidence. Is that confidence? Yes, he's brimming with so many things, confidence is probably one of them. Just look at him brim, there. In fact, his assistant is going to have to wipe some confidence off of her fingers after she's done installing his moustache for him... and also clean out the confidence stains in the pits of that partially-absorbent suit.

Oh yeah, the suit! "Dacron. The great new classic." See? Du Pont knew they were revolutionizing totally acceptible men's finery forever, with "wider lapels and pocket flaps". It's wrinkle-free, so your polyster suit will look exactly as good as the day you bought it at Sears. This one retails for the modern futurebuck equivalent of  just $520. That's like just a half pound of weed!  Best of all, a (mostly) polyester suit seals in freshness, so you'll be juicy and delicious when that special someone unwraps you at the end of the evening. Maybe your moustache installer will be the lucky one? Your confidence definitely says "maybe"!

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MrsBug said...

Ron Burgundy approves.

Jim D. said...

I'm holding out for herculon.

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