McGregor dacron double-knit polyester sport jackets - Your new face is ready.

This afternoon at GO! Tower, there will be an all-staff meeting. We have been remiss in our mission to provide ancient and stupid pictures for any possible need, and the whole staff needs to know how we're going to be addressing this problem. The PAG Images and Scanning Them Brigade, the PAG Antique Store Infiltration Special Unit, the Garage Sale Assault Force, the PAG Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad, the Magazine PAG Scouring Image Acquisition Assemblage of Persons, the Equipment Acquisition Squadforce, the Joke Getting and Humor Perception Research Squadron, the PAG Research and Googling team, the Obsolete Foods Alert Forceteam, the PAG Geographic and Temporal Telemetry Forcebrigade, and the PAG Archaeology Guy all need to know that we have recognized a huge gap in our Service.

Today, we shall begin to address this tragic failing. We will now specially identify images that will make really funny forum or network Avatars. Maybe you're a member of a web forum? Maybe you use (ick) social media? Maybe your work uses Yammer or AIM, or some kind of interoffice chat system? And maybe that system allows you to change out your avatar for whatever picture you want? Well, you can now look to Phil Are GO! for any posts tagged with "avatars" to help you find an avatar picture unparalleled stupidness. Just scroll down to the cloud of wee little text in the right sidebar for tags, and look for "avatars". We will be punishing the newly formed PAG Posts Revision Special Unit by making them go through old posts and tagging them with the newly minted "avatars" tag, where necessary. They deserve it for lying down on the nonexistent job for the past seven years.

We begin with the guy in this McGregor ad.

McGregor seems very infatuated with their new breakthrough material, polyester. It's stretchy. It can't be wrinkled. It can't be reasoned with, and it absolutely will not stop. What McGregor doesn't bother to point out is that it breathes like a Hefty bag, and after a year of occasional use, it will start to "pill". You know... like this?

These pills have not been evaluated by the FDA to treat any condition or illness.

Anyway, here's our inaugural avatar candidate. He's modern. He's trendy. He's smart. He's got a collar that can't be reasoned with, and it absolutely will not stop until. When uploading him for avatar use, crop him carefully. You want to be sure everyone who messages you can see that massive collar that produces twelve hundred pounds of downforce at highway speeds. There's no way this fabulous outfit will break traction under cornering loads.

You're welcome!!!!!

Click for big picture, and gigantic collar.

Click for big.


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