Royalcote Paneling - You got wood...sort of.

Valerie couldn't believe it was all theirs. Dozens of square feet of beautiful Royalcote textured Charcoal Brown paneling. It looked like wood. It sure felt like wood. That's because it was wood... wood dust compressed in a glue medium and printed with a simulated wood grain and embossed by high temperature hydraulic presses with an all-natural wood texture. Mmmmmmmm. Real wood. She and Gavin couldn't keep their eyes off of it - or their hands off each other.

She found Gavin in the rumpus room, as usual. He was sitting on the daybed, staring up in wonderment, just watching the paneling. He looked so peaceful... like a tree. She couldn't blame him. Their new Royalcote hardboard paneling had beauty that would last a housetime. "What value" she thought to herself, as she moved toward her other lasting value. Her man. She sat down beside him, and he gently leaned his manly weight against her. She felt her aura embrace his positive energy, and as the sun set outside, the lighting in the room didn't change at all, thanks to the flicker of fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. Together they watched the paneling, which they both knew they'd never regret and never, ever want to take down, thanks to its lasting real wood beauty. Whatever The Seventies brought their way, they'd make it through together. Valerie, Gavin, and their Royalcote paneling.

She whispered into the top of his hair, "Honey, let's do something else that we'll never regret. Let's invite the neighbors over for a foursome." Gavin's hair didn't move as he replied, as if he had been waiting for her to ask. "Groovy."

Won't you beautify your home with this PNG image of Valerie and Gavin? They share a transparent alpha background, and they're available now for a limited time, with easy financing terms of zero dollars a month for zero months. Let them watch your real wood for you, or maybe they can just watch you and the neighbors? They make one very graphic gift for quite an affordable price. Very groovy. You're welcome, baby.

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MrsBug said...

in the rumpus room
And now my day is complete.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hey, sometimes you just gotta rumpus. Thanks, Mrs, B!


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