Shake and Bake - Formula euuh, and your new online advocate is here.

This Shake'n Bake ad has little to recommend it. Yeah, it's from 1973, so, silly clothes, but just barely silly. So why's it here? Two things. Ricky Bobby and your new avatar. Let's giddyup.

Talladega Nights is pretty okay. It's no Anchorman, but nothing is. In the movie, for a reason that the characters are unable to explain, Ricky Bobby and his teammate Cal Naughton, Jr. use the catchphrase "Shake and Bake!!!" as if it's meant to intimidate their opponents. So, that's why this ad reminds me of that movie.

As always, Sasha Baron Cohen steals every scene as the villainous French formula 1 driver, Jean Gerard. Here is his line that, for me, is the biggest laugh of the movie, which is delivered by Cohen with flawless, absolute commitment. Any excuse to watch this scene is all the excuse you need., and today it's chicken from 1973. When this movie pops up on TV, I watch until Gerard says this line, and then the show's over, as far as I'm concerned.

"My name is jean Gerard, and I am a racing car driver just like you, except I am from formula euuh. I am zuh greatest one in zuh whole world. I have been following your career with great interest, monsieur Buubie."

So anyway, the other thing we need from this ad is the chicken leg kid. He's not looking at his parents. he's staring at the basket of crispy golden brown Shake'n Bake. He looks like the production manager tried to teach him how to smile earlier that afternoon. Also, his shirt (shirts?) is (are?) frikkin' weird.

He'd make a really good profile picture or avatar for whatever forum or on-the-lines chitchat application you use, except that when we crop him square, which all online thingamabobs appreciate, his chicken leg is out of frame. This is child's play for the Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade. Get in here, you clowns!

Here is Monsieur Shake et Bake, in crispy JPG et PNG file formats, so your site's backend has no excuse to refuse the image. You're welcome!

Click for 1000px JPG.

Click for 1000px PNG.

Click for big.


Ypek said...

The chicken legs look like they were knit from organic wool

Michelle_Randy said...

I love Talladega Nights. Will Farrell in his tighty-whiteys "Save me, Tom Cruise!"

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