Colorgroom - Vanity unfair.

This ad for something called "Colorgroom" all but uses the phrase "like a woman" as a pejorative. Well, the joke's on us, because obviously Colorgroom had the last laugh, enjoying worldwide success by becoming a must-have product found in every man's dresser drawer. Right?

"Don't dye your hair like a woman's!" God help us! Are you insane? Don't be an idiot, stupid! It gets better, too...

As, apparently, anyone could tell you, streaky hair is symptomatic of being a woman. Is your hair streaked? You may be a woman! However, being both insecure and vain are seemingly not nearly as shameful as being a lady, and they are A-okay for men. Otherwise, there's be no need for Colorgroom, right?

Do you use some kind of chit chat program at work or maybe not quite at work, or maybe at work, but not really for work? Your friends need to know that you are always thoroughly groomed, or that you are not quite as happy as you'd be with dark hair. That's why you need these avatars. They're both 1000 px square, so whatever thing you use to avoid working at work, it shouldn't have a problem accepting one of these images as your new head. You're welcome!

Click for 1000 px.

Click for 1000 px.

Click for big.


Michelle_Randy said...

I love this part: "...ColorGroom is rich in lanolin, is not sticky or greasy." BWAAHAHAHAHA! When was the last time they actually FELT lanolin? Granted, according to Wikipedia, it's not a fat, but a "wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals." Wow, that's sounds sexy.

"Hey, baby, let me rub some secreted sebaceous wax on those rough, dish-pan hands of your's"

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