Up Your Decor, 1968 - Through the puking glass.

It's still almost spring out there, people! So, let's get a big jump start on 1968 by showing The Man we don't care what He thinks! How's best to do that? By buying stuff at your local home center and sticking it on your walls, silly! That's what! Let's Up Your Decor! Groo-veee!!!!

Are you tired of just standing in your fiberglass shower cubicle all day staring at nothing but 
whiteness? You'd better be! Thankfully, we have just the solution! With these Masonite wicker panels, you'll think you're naked and wet in an exotic far-away land! Don't worry - water won't ever ever 
probably find its way behind the panels, make them warp and become a festering colony of mildew 
and microbia! So, get used to liking them, because these wicker-looking panels are definitely going to 
last forever!

Whaaaat? Plan white walls? What madness is this? How is The Man ever going to know what we think this way? Luckily, the dresser is fighting the power with its many-angled mirrored facing. Your knees will always know how good they look!

Everybody loves what the Partridge Family did with their bus! Yes they do! Let's come-on-now-it's-the-dynamic-interior-that-we're-singing with this totally boss De Stijl bedroom! What goes with geometry better than a huge coordinate plane of animal skin? Nothing! What's the hypotenuse of a dead antelope? You can preoccupy yourself with that little mystery as you watch yourself fall asleep in your ceiling mounted mirror! You'll have a blast watching yourself come-on-get-happy night after night!

My God! It's full of stars! You'll be the star of this fully mirrored dining room whenever you're not
having a heart to heart discussion with Superman's dad! Yep! That's right! This room features completely mirrored furniture and chandelier, too! Set aside your weekends to clean away the bloody 
shin prints on all the edges and corners, but it's totally worth it! In all directions, enjoy an infinite view up your skirt! That'll teach those apes to toss their tools!

You'll simply adore coming home every evening, climbing down from your elephant, and relaxing in this animal print themed sitting room! Everywhere you look, your eyes will hear the call of the wild! Raarrrr! Down, tiger! Your guests won't be able to resist chasing down this majestic sofa and tearing into it with their razor sharp backsides! Put your feet up on the wooden 16" x 16" coffee table painted with absolutely convincing faux marble painted finish. The curtains on the walls and ceiling will always let you know that your taste is "spot" on, old chap! Ahh hahahahahahahahahhahahaha!


Michelle_Randy said...

Wow, you've outdone yourself on these three. The first thought in my head for that bathroom was, "How in the world would you clean it?"

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

If you're concerned with how to clean it, you're not thinking all "la la la la live for todaaaaay!", are you?


CEMaine said...

Not sure if it was mushrooms or acid but I know I was in that dining room once.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

How did you ever find the door? FYI, this is called Joe Walsh Syndrome.


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