Up Your Decor - Rods and cones, just clap your eyes, just clap your eyes.

Spring has sprung, decorators! And it's time to think spring! So, in accordance with the transitive property of interior fabulizing, you'd better thing sprung! Sproink to it in '68! So, sock it to the judge, and get ready to clap your eyes at these totally fab interiors!

This bold room allows you to wear any of your four dresses! On any given day, you can choose your royal blue one, your kelly green one, your mustard velour one, or your wooden one! Now That's coordination in the nation! The inset picture demonstrates that the couch unfolds to become a bed sort of thing that you can lie down on and possibly sort of sleep if you spine happens to be the right shape! Convenience!

After a long day of dropping the kids off at the library on elephant back, you'll just love leaning back in your zebra wicker couch and letting the warming crackle of the houseplant ease the stress from your tired bones. Did you leave the elephant running in the driveway?

Your kids have rods, right? How bout some cones? Check and check! Unless their conerods get their exercise, those shapes in their eyes will just go away! It's science, people! This little eyeball Einstien likes to take her cones out for a jog in this terrific orange, pink, and green bedroom! The staring eyes of the toys and other homunculi on the shelf get plenty of exercise, too, watching her sleep! Good niiiiiiight!

Spring is green, stupid! This greentastic living room never lets your feet forget it, with its grassy shag carpet! The glass coffee tables make sure you don't miss a second of all the action taking place deep in your carpety lawn! Your eyes will simply love wriggling their toes in the green velour wallpaper! You'll think your eyes have died and gone to the park!


Mat Black said...

The couch in the first room is perfect if you throw vomitty parties but desire the result to be camoflauged.

Michelle_Randy said...

Super secret bonus: The fireplace has a handle that allows you to go to Narnia! Just ignore the fact that your zebra-skinned (or is it?) furniture probably came from Talking Animals and your therapy bills will be much lower.

Unknown said...

Mrs. Kelly Greene was upset to find her long lost sister in the sleeper sofa when she opened it up. She realized her little daughter in the pulsating room was to blame. Afraid to confront her, she folded the couch up.

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