Moon robot designs, 1962 - Thinking outside the toybox.

In 1962, the moon was still this strange thing made of cheese. Either that, or just the largest hole in the curtain surrounding the Earth, which, by the way, was the center of the universe. So, engineers were trying pretty hard to design a vehicle that could make its way across an unknown moonscape of nearly any food type imaginable - from cheese to rocky Cap'n Crunch consistency.

The ironically un-creative term "thinking outside the box" hadn't been horribly invented yet. What was the world like when mediocre minds didn't have the worn-out phrase "outside the box" to throw around? The best brains of  '62 had to use the less quotable but far more accurate word "inventing" to describe what they were doing, which is just as well. This left the useless idiots of society free to make up snappy phrases to describe what they themselves were incapable of doing.

Please enjoy this full article from the March '62 issue of Popular Science. And try to remember that all these robots were designed by adults... even the RCA ones. Sheesh. The GM designs look far less embarrassing.

Not that you did, but if you ask me, the most plausible idea presented in this article is the screw-drive moon rover. Don't miss the FaceTube video of a Russian-built screw drive ATV at the bottom of the post. It works better than you'd think.

You know the drill. Click each one for a full size 1600 px tall version.


Jim D said...

Forget robots, I want a Foley saw filer. Oh, wait, they're available on ebay. But so are robots. What was my point again?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Do an eBay search for the one other thing advertised on that page: Disembodied Floating Heads. Also, be sure to do that search on your work computer. It'll be great. I promise.

thanks for reading, Jim!


Michelle_Randy said...

That first one looks like that drinking bird toy for kids.

Steve Miller said...

Golly! That sure is one whiz-bang saw filing machine! Now, anybody can be a saw doctor without all the years of careful apprenticeship!

Steve Miller said...


Steve Miller said...

Also, there is a fan base! http://foleyfiler.blogspot.com/2013/01/foley-belsaw-on-wikipedia-not-yet.html

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