Absorbine Jr. - Show everyone your "ow" face.

Are you in pain? Sure! We all do! That's why Absorbine Jr.!

"Pressure Pain"? So what's that? Swelling? Who knows what W. F. Young (a very weird company name) was trying to theorize was causing your particular pain. In 1953, our understanding of science was somewhat less it is today.

Strangely, if you do some kind of search to find out what to do about your muscle pain, the answers tend to be ice, heat, or some combination of both. Ice tends to decrease inflammation, and heat will increase blood flow, and nothing heals without a decent migration of good old A Positive through the area (Your mileage may vary. Other blood types may exist.)

General wisdom about which one to apply is as simple as "If it's swollen and stuff, apply ice. After that's taken care of, use heat to maybe speed up healing."

Absorbine Jr. didn't like the idea of people treating their body aches for free, so that's their raison d'etre. "Get a hobby, Absorbine Jr." is what I say.

Anyway, you need everyone who looks at your FaceTube page to know how you suffer, right? Right. Please enjoy the guy's "ow" face from this Absorbine Jr. ad. However, viewed without the context of the ad, this guy could also be feeling confused or grumpy or something. That's not a bad attitude to address the internet with, either.

For whatever reason, your grumpy confused suffering man face profile picture is here. You're welcome!

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Okay, fine. If you want to go around the web looking all happy about things, you can also use this happy version, if that's what you're into. You're still sort of welcome... weirdo.

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Anonymous said...

I love this little article because it reminds me of my grandmother who used to come to my baseball games once every week when I was young. She had a walker and barely could move and always smelled kinda funny, but was always there. Later in life, I found out that she used Absorbine Jr to help her with lower back pain relief and wouldn't have made it to those games with it. Man, grandma being there meant the world to me and I appreciate that this pain relieving cream helped her to deal with it. Oh and by the way, that funny smell was the Absorbine Jr! It does have a potent smell especially when you get sweaty, but I didn't care, she was there. Articles of newspaper clippings like this one makes me think of her. And yeah, the expression on this guys face is quite comical. Thanks for reminding me of the good times and I use Absorbine Jr now to see my daughter's games. I guess the world has a way of making a complete circle. :)

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