The Texas Jack Rabbit postcard

The Phil Are GO! Investigative Journalism Brigade had just learned that in 1962, Vernon, Dorothy and Carol took a road trip, at one point passing through Texas. They purchased this novelty postcard of a cowboy riding a huge jack rabbit, and sent it to their friends Eddie and Rita Horton, in Dwight, Illinois.

In the body text of the postcard, none of the involved parties saw fit to wonder what rules of capitalization the Dexter Press were following. At this late date, it's possible we may never have an explanation.


Michelle_Randy said...

What stuns me is that anything could get delivered with that simple of an address. Dwight, IL must have about 10 people in it.

A Google maps search shows that lovely Dwight has 4,690 people in it today. Half way between Joliet and Bloomington.

Mat Black said...

I hear tell that folks in Dwight are rightly proud of the recent completion of the blacktopped parking lot for the feed store. Progress.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

The address caught my attention too. Weird that the postman would just go "Oh, yeah. The Horton's house."


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