Watch your feet, The Dutch! You can't spot heal a foot.

Great. I had several German jokes lined up to go with this poster, like the one about commemorating the German invasion of Poland on Sept. 1st, 1939 (So long ago already? They grow so fast!). Turns out that text on the poster is Dutch, not German. It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, and I'm gigantic, and an idiot.

And guess what? This Photochop didn't require anyone in GO! Tower to lift a finger! It was sent in by Alert reader Sandy! She done it her own self! How bout them Dutch apple strudels?

Be careful where you leave your naily boards and chocolate bars (apparently), kids. You might need to put your finger in your foot-dyke, stemming the spray of foot-juice.

Thanks for the free post, Sandy! Nice job rubbing out the original text. Making blank space is always the most important and least-fun part of making a Photochop. It's tedious, thankless work... except when someone thanks you for it... which they never will.

Did you use Photoshop's "spot healing brush" for any of your text deletion work here? If you haven't tried it, definitely give it a go. It could be a real time saver for deleting letters and other blemishes.

It does it's best to figure out what you're trying to remove, and then remove it. When it works, it's nearly magical. When it doesn't -which is about half the time - the results are comical. Good news is, even when it screws up, you don't need to undo. You can just try it again on the spot it already ruined. You can do this again and again until it gets it right... or until you just reach for the clone stamp tool and do it yourself.

You can use either the clone stamp or the spot healing brush to erase the drops of blood you leave on the floor when you step on a nail because you can't read Dutch, partially because you think it's German, which you also can't read.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind & humorous words! I didn't use Spot Healing Brush; I did it manually, with hammer and chisel, AKA the clone brush in Paint Shop Pro. What is Photoshop? Never heard of it.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

If you did that with a mouse (as opposed to a tablet), you are a hero with the patience of a saint. Doing graphics with a mouse is like trying to sign a check using a bar of soap.


Anonymous said...

You mean . . . you can manipulate pixels with a mouse? Gee, I've been using the up/down/right/left keys! I'll have to buy one. Are they expensive?

Ypek said...

A bottomless well of similar posters about safety at work (all in glorious Dutch)can be viewed at:


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