Road America Fall Vintage Fest 2016 - Part number last. One sixtieth... is a magic numberrr. Yes it iiis. It's a magic number.

Today we wrap up our brutal coverage of Road America's Fall Vintage Festival. If you can't wait to see how it ends, scroll down to see how it ends. But if you do, you're sure to miss how it starts! What's to be done???

The rest of the tracking shots...

I'm unsure what the car is, but it was the lead car for this whole practice session, at least. I am pretty sure the wheels are Enkei RPF1's.

This car was the best sounding thing at the whole event. It was an impossibly deep grumble that carried through tunnels and over trees. Note the blue velocity stacks! Cool!

At this point, I finally got the shutter speed pretty much perfect - slow enough to make the background a long blur, but still fast enough that I had some hope of keeping the car in approximate focus. 1/60 of a second is the magic number. I need to write that down... or just do this often enough to remember. Derrr.

A Lola that I've seen several times at other vintage events. Actually, one year, I helped push it onto the starting grid, which was momentous for me. I'd never touched a Lola before! It felt all tingly.

Man, every car should have a snorkel.

Number eighty-five simply humiliated the porta-potty in practice sessions.


Phil Provins said...

Since when has Racer X used #11?

Phil Provins said...

Since when has Racer X used #11?

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