This is not a post - Vintage racing today!

No time for jokes today. We're off at Road America's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival, ogling the cars and taking dirty, dirty pictures of them. Next week we'll be posting those filthy car pictures to give you some very uncomfortable eyeboners. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of a vintage race car I've never seen in the flesh, and Prettiest Thing Ever Created, a Lancia Stratos. You never know. Maybe this weekend? Yeah right. Anyway, see you Monday.


Unknown said...

Look forward to your pictures. Still prefer my red '67 Firebird convertible even though I never raced it, at least in a sanctioned race.

Steve Miller said...

Come to think of it, I owned a 122 as well. I'd take one of those. Better yet, the wagon. You know? you can fix anything on the 122 with the provided tool kit -- two screwdrivers and two wrenches.

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