Bauer movie cameras - Yep. Good, clean fun.

Going to the beach this Halloween? Why not pick up a cheap-as-chips Bauer movie camera to preserve all the not-at-all questionable shenanigans and fun stuff you do to a girl there?

So, you're planning a beach trip with four of your buddies and one girl, just like always. Ho hum. This time, buy a Bauer 8 millimeter movie camera!

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That way, you can relive wonderful moments, like when you all bounced her on that blanket, and she went so high you couldn't quite tell if she was afraid you were going to break her back or not. HA ha ha ha ha! Wasn't that fun? She was kind of laughing, right? Yeaaah! Totally laughing!

Or that thing you all did when she dozed off on that towel, after she calmed down from the towel-trampoline thing, that is. That sure was a mess to clean up, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Or how about you grilled hot dogs at lunch time, and you all made her do that one thing she didn't want to do with one? What a hoot!

Now that you've got it all on film, you can get an extra copy developed and give it to her, so she can enjoy the memories over and over again, right?

Only, she hasn't been around in a while. Where did she go? She doesn't answer her phone any more. That's funny. You though you were all friends... your four guy buddies and her. Ah well. You're sure she's just busy or something.

Hey! Cool! Good thing you got an extra copy of the movie made! The cops are at the door and they want to see the film! They probably just want to see what a great time you all had, because you're all such great friends! This is going to be great! Wait! Before you answer the door, get your Bauer movie camera, so you can capture the moment!

Man, 1970 is going to be the best year ever!


Jim D. said...

HA! My dad had a C-Royal. That sure brings back memories. Memories of blue plastic 8mm reels labeled "do not project," for instance. Sometime in the '90's he had all the 8mm transferred to VHS so we could enjoy them forever . . .

Mat Black said...

I know I'm gonna get some heat for this but 70s Anglo bukkake was way better than the crap the Japanese crank out today.

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