Honor Brand Frozen Foods - An comic strip. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Hey, seasonal eaters! Are you looking for a great Thanksgiving comic strip for your Autumnal Localized Harvest Feast? Well, look no firther than this hi-larious ad from Honor brand Frozen Foods, and then look further than this ad from Honor Brand Frozen Foods!

Ah-hahahahahahahaha! get it? The funny part is that the turkey doesn't want his slaughtered corpse to be placed next to an inferior brand of side dish.

This pretty morbid and weird, but we can do one better: The Star-Kist tuna campaign in which Charlie the Tuna yearns for acceptance from the Star-Kist tuna company.

It's an old cmapaign, and for decades, the humor in the ads stemmed from Charlie's misunderstanding that Star-Kist wanted tunas with good taste, as opposed to tunas that taste good. However, somewhere in The Eighties, Star-Kist abandoned this angle, and Charlie seemed to finally understand what the tuna giant was after. This changed his attitude not at all.

One thousand and six years ago, when I worked at a cartoon studio, one of our reliable clients was Star-Kist. We animated a number of those commercials, and at that time, Charlie definitely seemed to have a suicidal fascination with being killed, ground into a sort of paste, packed in a can, and eaten by humans. It was weird.

Sadly, the P.A.G. Research and Googling Squad can find none of our commercials on FaceTube, but this one from 1983 (not animated by us) is a decent example of Charlie's weird obsession.

This commercial doesn't have the long-time tag line "Sorry, Charlie. Star-Kist doesn't want tunas with good taste. Star-Kist wants tunas that taste good." By 1983, someone seems to have straightened Charlie out... not that he seems to care.

Ick. Frikkin' bizarre.

Aaaaanyway, it's not every day you find a thanksgiving Graphic Gift, so we'll take them where we find them. Here's the super funny cartoon from this 1950 ad, minus the caption, in original papery form and a cleaned-up line art versions. Maybe you can use it to make your Thanksgiving invitations more adorable disturbing? You may stand a better chance of having lots of leftovers all to yourself. Diabolically clever, I must say.

You're welcome!


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