Life Magazine, Sept 4, 1950 - A couple of avatars.

Aren't you tired your face? Sure! We all do! Fix your virtual identity with these stupid avatars and / or profile pictures from the Sept 4th, 1950 issue of LIFE Magazine!

First, there's this Vitalis ad, featuring a Handsome White Man so wooden and generic, he could be a Gerry Anderson puppet. Now that's F.A.B.!

Then there's the female appreciant, without whom we wouldn't understand how indescribably desirable is a man with well-varnished hair. She's super into whatever you place next to her, once we pop her out of her natural context. Now, she's completely promiscuous with her positivity! Just how we like 'em.

Her spank bank's just been filled.
Next up, we have a promotional shot of Marie Wilson as Lady Teazle, from (apparently) some kind of play called The School for Scandal. Here, she's looking a lot like Shelley Duvall as Panzy from Time Bandits, which is a piece of culture that I did not have to look up using Google.

See? "Oh, Panzy! The problem! The problem!!!"

Last, we have a group of random Russian people from a cold-war-era profile on patriotism in the Soviet Union. The article seems to be an unbiased and even-handed exploration of Russian pride, but the people they chose to use as examples of "everyday Russians" seem a wee bit propagandist, if you get my meaning.

Anyway, the babushka lady looks like she knows her way around a potato pancake, and she can whip some up while sitting on top of your online profile, why not?

The shepherd guy was way ahead of the curve. Cowboy Bebop wouldn't exist for another 48 years, but he's rocking the Spike Spiegel hair like he invented it. That's some good cosplay, Russia!


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