Voder - Hideous 1939 speech synthesizer spells the end of all civilization.

Wake up, citizens! Computers have begun to speak, and certainly within Five Years, these devil machines shall surely be issuing commands for us all to obey!

As I have just read in Popular Science Monthly, there is now a machine that can be manipulated by a human participant to spew utterances that are indistinguishable from Human Speech! Consternation and uproar! What horrors does this hideous contrivance have in store for Mankind? Will it tear itself loose from its moorings and storm across the Territory, ripping out our throats, demanding that only machines may be allowed to speak? This can only end in destruction of all civilization and universal discomfort, Dear Readers! Surely this monstrosity is only the first of an army of machines, bent on Human Conquest!

Please enjoy this article on what will doubtlessly be the end of all civilization. Death! Blood! Horror! In case you are wondering what this "voder" (which secretly goes by the alias "Pedro") sounds like, don't miss the pasted photo-play beneath the article at the bottom of the page. Be informed that to hear the machine speak is to plunge into madness itself. Like and subscribe!


Anonymous said...

Too bad the video didn't say "Luke, I am your father."

Thanks for posting this, very interesting.

Jim D. said...

Little-known fact: Voder went on to a successful career as a vocalist for the popular music group "Radio-head."

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