Aquamarine, by Revlon

Aquamarine, by Revlon. Probably the stuff your grandma wore... and probably way too much of it. I dunno. You can't help but be curious what this stuff smelled like. Was it great or was it like Deep Woods Off? No way to tell, since the internet doesn't have Tele-Smell yet. Note to self: have an intern copyright "Tele-Smell".

This lady's got a hammock made of flowers that would make frikkin Galadriel jealous. Such is life in the delusional bullshit world of ad-land. She sure looks comfy, with her hips rotated ninety degrees from her torso - exactly like you would do, in your most comfortable floral hammock. Mmmm. I like a woman who can dislocate her pelvis at will.

In fact, this lady is so luxurious and stuff, she should be able to enjoy a new life promoting anything. Whatever you want, for instance. If only someone would free her from the servitude of this Revlon ad...

Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade, ASSEMBLE! PKSHOWWW!

Aaah, isn't that better? She's so much more liberated. Sure, her hand looks
a little claw-like, but so would any suddenly empty hand, once it's deprived
of its held object. This version has the original tonality, with the paper
texture in it.
 This one is all smooth and immaculate, if that's what you're into...
You can use Flower Hammock lady to maybe make the flyers for your first springtime cookout of the year, or your next divorce party. You know... anything!

Here's a serving suggestion to get your creativity started. You're welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

Note to P.A.G.:
Tele-Smell? How the hell did you miss "iSmell"?....
Too late, MY intern just copywrote(?) it.

Mr. FancySmellyPants_2

Jim D. said...

You'll both be playing catch-up - - - I copyrighted "Smellevision" 20 years ago.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Cure you, FancySmellyPants_2! Curse you, jim d.! Curse you all for stealing my idea before I had it!


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