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Gronk open mail bag now! get ready mail bag! Mail bag can't say Gronk didn't warn mail bag!

Ms. Lucy say...

Have a wonderful day to you, my dear friend! This is Ms.Lucy from Falcon Industry, which is professional on exporting hardware for 16 years.We are very glad to suggest our Handle to you, please kindly check following, they are very workable for your market. Here we would like to supply our newest price and picture for your reference. Please do not hestitae to contact with us, if you are interested in them.

Attached is our wechat public, there are our main products information, welcome to add us and contatc with us in there.Our products price varies according to different requests and current material price. Any question or requires, welcome to contact with us at any time when you are free.Looking forward to your reply and hope we can have the opportunity to cooperate soon. Thank you!

Sincerely Yours!Ms. LucyFeb. 28, 2017
Falcon Industry (Shanghai) Co., LtdMOB./Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-18516525888Tel: +86-21-37566893-8016Skype: 18516525888Email: falcon2006@falconvip.comWechat Public number: FalconIndustryMarketing centre: No. 99 Fengpu Avenue, Fengxian Distric, Shanghai, China.

Gronk thank Ms. Lucy for letter. Gronk impressed Ms. Lucy find time to write letter to Gronk, despite finger stuck in faucet, and too many chocolate to eat coming down conveyor belt. Lucy always busy lady! Have wonderful day to you also, dear complete stranger!

Gronk glad Ms. Lucy also find time to do research to make sure Gronk's market is workable for handle. Gronk never aware of urgent handle need! So many drawer and cabinet with contents mysterious and unknown for centuries! Hurry, handle!

WHAT??? Oh no! Chicken trapped in maze!!! Don't worry chicken! Gronk solve maze and rescue chicken! Time to get out Gronk's lucky puzzle pen and swing into action!

Oh, man! Maze harder than Gronk think! Cannot solve! Now Gronk never know if anthropomorphic chicken taste like anthropomorphic lizard or not.

Gronk think this "teachable moment". All handles in world cannot open maze for imprisoned chicken... not even when handle have power of zinc. Kind of make you think, huh? Yeah, you thinking now.

Mr. MAFE say...

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is a company from China who is looking for a supplier. We browsed the information about your company. We need your products [ The lawn machine  ], please give us your FOB price ﹙USD or EUR﹚for our purchase.
Waiting for your reply.
Cordial greetings!
Mr:MA  FE zgxags03@126.com

Dear jerk or idiot, Gronk thank you for letter!

Hmm. Gronk only have one lawn machine: sprinkler. And Gronk not sure Gronk comfortable with just handing over blueprint to overseas person. If Gronk sell sprinkler to Mr. MAFE, then Gronk can kiss good-bye all best summer days like this one:

"Summer tiiiiime, and living is easy." Gronk think of no better fun than sprinkler on lawn.

Then Gronk play great joke on post-man! Sigh. Good times. GRAH hah hah hah hah hah!

So, no way will Gronk send sprinkler to Mr. MAFE. Get own sprinkler, MAFE!

Ravi Kapoor say...

Hello and good day!
I'm an Online Web Marketing Service Provider. My name is Ravi. New Delhi, Based IT Company.
We are putting forth an awesome offer to get a New Business Website or Re-Design your site.
Kindly let me know whether you are Interested so we can give you more detail. We will be happy to be of administration to you.
Truly with warm respects,,

Gronk thank Ravi for letter. Wow, thanks for kind-of-by-accident saying Gronk web-site suck right now. Gronk have business offer for Ravi!

Hello and good day! Gronk is Online Manners Service Provider. Gronk name is Gronk. Gronk not telling you where Gronk live, because Gronk not stupid.
Gronk putting firth awesome offer to teach hoo-mans in New Delhi how to not to insult potential customer or re-design head.
Kindly let Gronk know whether hoo-mans are interested so Gronk can give more detail. Gronk will be happy to be of administration to Ravi Kapoor dillhole.
Truly with warm respects, and your wife probably cheating on you right now,

Sinana say...

Dear Sir/Madam,
Wish you have a wonderful day, my friend.^_^
We already come back to office from the Chinese New Year holiday. How are you? How about your family? Hope everything are very good with you and your family.
Now at the beginning of New Year 2017, we would like to introduce our hot sale new item of metal box, it is very popular in the current market, i think maybe you also interested in it, please kindly check below details and picture. 
Width: 86mm/118mm/150mmLength: 270mm/300mm/350mm/400mm/450mm/500mmThickness: 1.0mm after painting, 1.1mm after painting, 1.2mm after painting
We would like to support you not only the samples but also the specification details after getting your requirments, so please feel free to contact us if you need! 
Waiting for your active feedback, thank you!^_^Sincerely Yours!SinanaFeb.16, 2017

·Mob: 13918197839 / 17321362266                ·Wechat: Sinana2000    ·Tel.: 0086-21-37566893-8008                         ·QQ: 1390013912 / 3207539790            
·Fax: 0086-21-37566893-8007                         ·Skype: SINANA848 / SINANA_J.BEST         
·E-mail: j.best2001@jbest.cn                            ·MSNcocollover@hotmail.com   
·Add: No.99 Fengpu Avenue, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China.
Notice: The email under domain name address is j.best official one, if you will pay for us when confirming the order, please note our email domain name address, if not please pay attention to it and contact us for confirmation before payment, our service mobile: 0086-13918197839.

Gronk thank Sinana for letter.
Gronk say Sinana have whatever the heck kind of day Sinana want to have. Gronk not the boss of you. 

Wow! Gronk already know about hot new sale item, "metal box". Gronk totally know, girlfriend. Simply everyone have one now. Metal box is must-have item for spring! Look...

So, Gronk currently scoping out Metal Box selection, but not quite sure yet which metal box is right for Gronk. Who can choose, when every day, new models bursting onto marketplace? Gronk waiting to see what designs make big splash at Metal Box Conference in April! This year show going to be huge! When Gronk ready to make a move, Sinana will be first to know! Thank you!


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