Farmer's Almanac prediction for winter 2016-2017!!!

Hey! Don't you want to know what kind of winter we just had? You sure do! To anyone living in or near Chicago, it was nothing to write home about: a few cold days with temperatures in the negative numbers, but generally warmer than usual and with hardly any snow to speak of.

You know that yellow book commonly seen in the folded-up cardboard standee near the exit of Home Depot that looks like it was printed in 1890? yeah, that one, The Old Farmer's Almanac.

It's an old-timey publication with a secret formula for forecasting the weather a year in advance. They won't tell anyone how they do it, of course. Let's see how they did this year!


Here's the summary of the Farmer's Almanac prediction for last winter's noticeably mild and not-at-all snowy winter in Chicago:

The winter of 2016–17 will feature above-normal snowfall in the northernmost states, along the spine of the Appalachians, and in northern Illinois, but below-normal snowfall in other areas.

Wow, spooky! The huge blizzard that prison-bitched the East coast a coupe of weeks ago in mid March? Not a peep in the uncannily accurate Almanac. The near total lack of snowfall in Chicago (which usually can be found in Northern Illinois)? Nope. The crazy May-in-February thing that happened? Nah. Didn't happen. It's like they peered into the future, disregarded it as fake news, and and then asked their chickens what the weather would really do. So, their secret forecasting formula is kind of like Weather Forecast Mad Libs.

We will now predict the weather for the next coming year, with the kind of accuracy you've come to expect. For free. You're welcome!


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