Little ads, Esquire, 1969 - Your parents wore this. Sweet dreams!

When were these the now anything? I do not recall a version of "now" in which this shit was within a stone's throw of being okay. But, since everything is bought by someone, we can assume that someone's dad had these little beauties hanging in his closet, just waiting until the kids went to bed, so he could slip into his snakeskin briefs and get down to the business of making you a new little sister with your mom. That little horror show is the preferred scenario. Worst case is this: your dad wore this stuff while watering the lawn.

In The Seventies, there was a kind of effort to realize the eternal dream of "unisex clothing"...for some
reason. Was this because it was a huge pain in the butt to offer different garb for Bob and Barb? Looking
back, it's a quaint distraction. We now have a much greater fascination with unisex people. Anyway, why
was it that every time someone made unisex clothing, it just worked out as "everyone just dresses like a


[lrf] said...

There was a girl at the gym today wearing skin-tight snakeskin-patterned shorts. Probably mostly Spandex. Hopefully not the beginning of a new unisex trend.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hopefully not, but I think I need to start going to your gym.


cyclotronboy said...

And having visited a number of the Greek islands, I can't say that's within a stone's throw of anything I've ever seen *anyone,* much less stevedores

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