White's Pit Stop - Rod & Custom, 1973

The staff here at GO! Tower have been having a great time flipping through a recent shipment of old magazines, including some very groovy hot rod magazines from The Early Seventies. This ad for White's Pit Stop features a terrific ink drawing that is very typical of the hot rod scene of that time.

At the time this ad ran, in April '73, White's was located in South Holland, Illinois. I wonder what's there now.

Hmm. Looks like White's was bought out by a shed and some recycling dumpsters. That's a bummer for the hot rod set. No, wait! According to the Ultranet, White's is still around. They just moved to Schererville, Indiana! They have a FaceTube page and everything! Pretty cool!

The drawing in this old ad is so nice, it'd be great if some hero would make a shirt out of that rodded-out truck, right? It would look the most authentically vintage in a single color, like an independent gearhead shop would have done back in 1973. Nothing too fancy. Can do!

Incidentally, if you're from White's Pit Stop and you're just finding this post, I hope you don't mind us using this ancient ad to give you some free advertising.

You can get the print in black or white on any shirt in any color you want. It may look best on a ringer shirt or something retro like that.

Black version:

White version:

Sample images:


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