Miss Mopar - So tell me, is there a "Mister Mopar?"

"Mopar or no car" is something you may see on a bumper sticker, proudly worn on a Chrysler pickup truck from the Carter administration, covering one of the larger rust holes on the bumper. Let's see if Miss Mopar can get you to wear her proudly in a nice, safe corner of your hard drive?

Here's a fun fact from Wikpedia.

"The name derives from a combination of letters from the words 'MOtor' and 'PARts'."
Really, guys? That's how you came up with the name? Well, I'd call that "frame", which is an adjective that derives from a combination of letters from the words "FRikkin" and "laME".

Here's a funny thing I just noticed about the illustration in the ad. Look at the feet of Miss Mopar, and then look at the bottom of the stack of batteries that she's leaning on, all sultry-like. According to the rules of perspective, her feet are about six inches closer to us than the batteries are, yet her hands are squarely centered on the top battery. That sounds either really uncomfortable, or physically impossible.

That means it's up to us to put Miss Mopar in a more spatially plausible situation! Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade, ASSEMBLE!

Pen tool!... DEPLOY! Pkshow!
Create selection!.....Zam!
Paste on new layer!.... Thooom!

Here she is, all PNG'd on a trabsparent background, ready to lean on whatever you think would look best. Why not give her the right-click she deserves and save her for a rainy day? Be sure to click through to her full-size 1600 px version first, though.

But what could you use to replace that questionable stack of batteries? Oh, so many things. here are a few serving suggestions to get the ball rolling.

A very large Twinkie.
A slightly enlarged Tom Cruise, who's not sure he gets the joke.

See? It's easy! You're welcome!


Jim Dee said...

So I guess the illustrator just omitted the dolly (or cart, or float, or skateboard, or whatever) on which the batteries were stacked in the reference photo? Dang, though, that Twinkie!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

To quote Winston Zeddemore, "That's a big twinkie".

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