Head Check

Joke #1 - The worst part was not getting an earbud stuck in his head. It was the fear that, when the doctor extracted it, it might still be playing the Howard the Duck soundtrack album.

Joke #2 - "Wow. Crazy night, huh, private? Well, it looks like this isn't a temporary tattoo. It's the permanent kind. But look on the bright side. Maybe The Captain and Tenille will be big again soon?"

Joke #3 - "Okay, I'll need to probe around a little in your brain. Tell you what. Start going 'duuuuh' repeatedly, and if you suddenly stop, I'll know I need to back off, okay?"

Joke #4 - "Yep. Your ears look good. Hey, do you mind if I look a little deeper in there for a second? I'm looking for Sarah Connor."

Joke #5 - August, 1955. The first federally-funded pierced ear creates an uproar in the armed forces.

Joke #6 - "Jeez, Private. You can't just let every magic leprechaun you come across do whatever he wants. You know, I think your head might be pregnant. Also, there's no such thing as leprechauns, idiot."


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