Tru-Site - Dog. Fneh. Dog. Dog.

Werbert liked dog. Dog nice. Werbert get up very extra early to be with dog before school start.

Werbert hurry through eat breakfast. One boiled egg, and one toast. Hurry to see dog! Werbert hands flap as he run down hallway to get to dog, that hang on wall by front door. Werbert used to call front door "dront door", but not any more. Werbert get smarter now. Practice say "effs". Werbert think dog like him better now.

There was dog! Right where yesterday! Fneh! Werbert laugh in mouth to see dog! Big laugh in mouth! Dog dog dog! Werbert get up close to dog. Feel good see dog. Werbert press face on dog. Feel cool on face. Cool flat dog. Werbert stay by dog till time for go school. Maybe three hour? Werbert not sure. Mom say when time go school.

Nice dog. Feel nice be by dog. Fneh.


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