"Electric Autos... They're on the Way!" ... in 1966.

Yep, in 1966, the electric car was an "any minute now" proposition. Well, five to ten years, if the Popular Science article is to be believed. So, your mom and dad must have had an electric car, then. How was it? Did you learn to drive on mom and dad's electromobile? Did they hand it down to you when they eventually replaced it with their hovercar in 1973? Please leave your nostalgic electric car memories down in the comments. I'm sure we'll all be able to relate to them.

Be sure not to miss the part about the best-at-the-time sodium-sulfur battery that had to be maintained at a temperature around 500 degrees at all times or it wouldn't work at all.

We now present the full article from the December 1966 issue of Popular Science in living color (all three of them- black, yellow, and sort of other yellow). Each page has been posted at the largest-size-Blogger-will-allow size of 1600 px. You know the drill. Click it to big it, baby. You're welcome!


Charlie said...

At least five responsible companies are at work on projects, plus three shady fly-by-night "auto makers" Toyota, Honda, and Tesla.

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