Faces of the Month, March 1935 - Three profile pictures.

Have you misplaced your March, 1935 copy of Fortune magazine? Well, first off, shame on you. Second, you're in luck, because we've got ours! And, here are three profile pictures for your InstaFace account, in case you don't like InstaFace detecting your face and calling you out in all those police blotter photos. "(Your name here) is with local gas station robbery!"

Yep, that's real interesting stuff. Lady under a fish, old guy looking stiff, and a racing driver who looks like a less chipper version of Mr. Slugworth, from the 1971 Willy Wonka movie.

Anyway, you're probably simply vibrating in your chair, waiting for your new avatar / profile picture. Okay, simmer down. Here they are, and you're welcome!

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Click for 1000 px.


cyclotronboy said...

Aaaahhh yes, the unfortunately named "Standard Swallow" (SS) car company. They, of course, became Jaguar Cars Limited in 1945 in light of the... ugliness... on the continent.

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