Mimeograph - Heeyyyyyy, huffin' copies!

Ow!!! My frikkin' pen tool! Okay, you better appreciate this. It's another ad from a 1935 issue of Fortune magazine - the daily news for the guy on the Monopoly cards.

Mimeographs. If you're Of A Certain Age, you'll recall that, before photochopiers were cheap,reliable, or even existed, if you wanted a duplicate of a document, you had a Mimeograph machine in your office. They printed in purple, for some reason (or, at least the one at my grammar school did), the copies came out really warm, and while they cooled, you could smell the solvent evaporating from the ink. When the teacher handed out new, uuh, "handouts", as she called them, you could whiff the solvent, and for some reason, most kids enjoyed that smell. It was probably benzine or something that slowly causes drain bamage or something. Anyway, muy broin forls foine..... guh.

So, yeah. Mimeograph.

Anyway, this ad is all about decorative frames and ornaments. Something like that could come in handy down the road. It had damn well BETTER, after all the selecting and pen tooling it took to extract the elements for harvesting. You're goddam welcome!

Click for 1600 px.


Michelle_Randy said...

Holy cow that was some serious work!

Anonymous said...

The spirit duplicator that printed purple was the "Ditto", not the Mimeograph.

Boo Long said...

In Britain the brand was always Gestetner, or at least in my schools of Lancashire Education Committee... They were always just referred to as 'the duplicator' though. It was a treat to get to work the duplicator! It's a great word really.. Sounds a bit '60s sci-fi.

Jack_Dayton_72 said...

My friends and I thought mimeographs smelled like cabbage....so we would take a big sniff and say "Cabbage Patch" and laugh....brain damage indeed!

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