Ichiban Moto Premium Pack! Complete test! That's right!

Ichiban Moto is a Chicago-based FaceTuber who completely makes badass motorcycle maintenance and modification videos, so that you, yes YOU,  at home in your own home can absolutely find out how to take your dead stock motorcycle and modify it into a mind-destroying cafe racer with tools you probably have lying around in the picnic basket from your work's last summer's employee picnic where your HR manager fell on you after tripping over the volleyball net and she apologized to you and you said it was okay but what you really meant was that it was pretty great because you kind of have a thing for her but totally don't ever tell her that because it'd be a terrible idea.

Ichiban didn't give me any money or anything. I just send him Pointy Tree Day cards and stuff. In return, he sent me a Premium Pack with like ten out of five Ichiban Moto stickers and even some motorcycle parts. Observe!

No, the stickers aren't in the photo. I put them all on everything, so they're used up. Anyway, the Premium pack consisted of three 11% discount coupons, two badass certification certificates (imagine flashing those at your next cars & coffee meetup!), a micro collider ring, and rectifier shims.

I don't have a motorcycle. Turns out, motorcycles have rectifiers. They convert A/C to D/C. Good times. In order to test the shims and collider ring, I had to construct a test apparatus. So, I connected the Micro Collider Ring to a ceramic ultrainsulator. Then, I attached that to a dry elecytrolytic capacitor with the Rectifier Shims wired in series, using voltage-grade assembly tape. From my photograph, I think you'll be pleasantly informed that positrino fluctance was nearly undetectable! Check it out!

Ichiban tells me there will be more videos soon, and probably some kind of way that his viewers can get their own premium pack.

If you're like me, you rebuilt a bass guitar last summer, which not only included nearly blinding yourself by splashing lacquer thinner in your eye, but also attempting a metal flake finish. I could have used a few metal flake tips back then! Here's a video where Ichiban creates a completely badass cafe racer helmet, complete with metal flake finish! I really need to source myself a set of those clippers, by the way.


cyclotronboy said...

I used to have that exact ultrainsulator. I wonder where it went... Probably some kids tried to build an Interocitor for his science fair project and stole it.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Interocitor? That's just crazy made-up pseudoscience. Besides, projects like that just make your landlady think you're cooking up there.

Michelle_Randy said...

So did your....gadget rescue you from the event horizon or did your warp core explode?

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