Jameson Whiskey - So... dolls?

In the 1939 issue of Fortune magazine, journal of captains of industry and what the Monopoly guy reads on the can, you'll see lots and lots of ads for hard liquor. Boy, did those industry captains like to salute the bottle. Yowza. This ad has weird dolls, for some reason.

Usually, when an ad has a baffling picture, there'll be some kind of visual pun or hint in the copy that helps the picture make sense. Nope. Just those weird Art Clokey figures pouring us a glass of Jameson's finest... through a bung hole punched in the side of the bottle, somehow?

It seems that's how the art director solved the problem of "How do you show a  ten-inch wooden dude pouring a drink while keeping the label right side up so the reader can read it?" Bizarre.

Well, they were probably having a little Jameson at the production meeting.


Steve Miller said...

That would have been my kind of production meeting. Unfortunately, I worked in advertising many decades later, after the vendors hod stopped trying to keep us awash.

Remember, just a single cute in your whiskey glass, dear friends.

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