Magnavox - Children, Obey HypnoClown.

Wendy and Eggbert stared, feared and continued to stare. HypnoClown seemed to see them right thruogh the glass of their spectacular 400 square inch screen. Their hearts quivered. It seemd like days since they had felt  two evenly spaced  heartbeats. Blood barely crawled through their little veins. Jaws slackened, and a thin filament of spittle shivered in their otherwise imperceptible breath.

HypnoClown would tell them when to breathe again. HypnoClown would reveal the wisdom of their next heartbeat only when they were worthy. An age passed and they fell into the inky depths of his loving eyes. They fell for days it seemed and still they continued to fall. No bottom to those knowing, understanding eyes.

Surely HypnoClown would reach for them. His fingers would inevitably grasp the edges of the screen and he would step beyond the bounds of the Provincial Fruitwood cabinet, and then he would be with them, possibly forever. Then HypnoClown would preotect Wendy and Eggbert from mother and father. Protect them from the cold light of day. Protect them from the terrifying agony of ever making a decision again. HypnoClown would decide what was best for them. Wendy and Eggbert would simply live forever in the warm, loving mind of HypnoClown. Then everything would be okay forever. All they had to do was... just.. let...go.


A. R. Henry said...

I'm a collector with the mindset of a typical 1960's consumer. My crown jewel of my collection is Magnavox's seven foot French Provincial sarcophagus with Astro-Sonic electronics, huge woofers and horns just a foot and a half apart, and a non functioning (Magnavox earned quite a reputation for them) 25 inch color set, in a mostly wood cabinet, ensconced with plastic carvings. One collector photoshopped John Wayne Gacy on a ghastly Mediterranean styled "TV stereo theatre", with the little tyke gleefully watching his Saturday morning show in glorious black and white. Love your site!!

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