Smith Corona - Microsoft word, Ver. Minus44

Copy and paste, undo, fonts, formatting, etc. It's easy to list the things we can't live without that are all things this thing can't do. Don't care. I love this thing, and I'm not just being a grumpy luddite.
Undo, and all the rest, are things that I agree we can't live without. I can't either. That's why it's called progress. But when was the last time you typed on a fossilized machine like this? They feel great. When the keyboard was integral to the mahcine itself, much more engineering effort was put into the feel of the keyboard. If the keyboard failed, the whole mahcine was dead, so better switches were used underneath every key. The whole thing feels more solid and smooth. Of course, the whole machine eighed as much as your desktop computer, but meh, so what?

Currently, your keyboard costs about twenty dollars and is kind of disposable. And, if you ask me, it feels that way. It feels like thin plastic with silicone domes under each key. Yes, this makes the action very light and silent, but each key has a lateral wobble that doesn't lend my fingers any confidence. Old typewriters and to some extent, old keyboards (more on that in a minute), work on a mechanism with metal springs and mechanical switches. The feel is much more solid, smooth, and can still have a light action.

The popularity of retro-looking, but otherwise completely modern, products should indicate that there's a market for more. The new Camaro and Mini Cooper show us that people like modern engineering with classic styling. I'd pay a little extra for a super fast computer with a case and keyboard like this Smith-Corona. I'd love a two tone mint green computer with clicky cylinder keys. The closest I have come, short of doing some custom frankenstein case mod, is my IBM Model M keyboard. You can get one of your own if you're weird like me. My keybaord is from 1995, the tail end of the beige era in personal computer design. I think there's a crying need for something that looks like 1964, but works like 2009.


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