Overhead Garage Doors - Sally's Hard Day

Hm. This needs a caption. But Jeez, the possibilities are endless. Screw it. I'll do all of them.
Caption 1. "It was a hard day at the office. Firing workers is always stressful, but Sally couldn't have the unions coming into her factory, telling her how to run her own tobacco company. The rabble rousers got what they deserved. Fortunately, her new garage door practically opens with one finger. One less thing to worry about."

Caption 2. "Would daddy like him? Would they get along okay? Would daddy think less of her? Sally's hand trembled as she opened the door to the garage where she kept her boyfriend."

Caption 3. "I'm ashamed at you, Sally. What kind of parallel parking was that? And do you even know where the turn signal is? You know what? I think you can open the garage door your own damn self today."

Caption 4. "Daddy slowly rose from the engine compartment, moving carefully, checking to see if she was looking. Sally was opening the garage, and her back was turned. Perfect! This was going to be the best surprise party ever."

Caption 5. "Daddy was waiting. She had to time this perfectly or he'd have a chance to scream and that would bring the neighbors over. The garage door had just gotten new springs the day before. That was good, because she needed to get the door open fast and dive out of the way. She hoped the bear was awake."

Caption 6. "Golly, what a long day. Two mergers and a sexual harassment suit from that prick she should have fired a year ago. Sally just wanted to put her feet up and have a bourbon. But daddy showed up before she even had a chance to get the car in the garage. 'What's for dinner honey?' he beamed. Good thing she kept a shovel just inside the door."


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